What is phpBB?

If you want your online forum to feel familiar to your visitors, then phpBB, which involves no learning curve, will be the most reasonable choice.

The phpBB message board application has existed for a lot of years, powering plenty of Internet forums all over the web. It is offered at absolutely no charge and has a very active community of users. There are a lot of addons and free themes out there. And phpBB has an intuitive admin section, both for the bulletin board owner and for the regular user, which makes it really easy to use.

phpBB is a registered trademark of phpBB Limited and is not affiliated with Shaun Holt.

phpBB–Optimized Cloud Hosting Services

If you are seeking a decent home for your bulletin board, then you’ve come to the right spot. At Shaun Holt, we offer phpBB–optimized Linux hosting solutions that can handle any type of Internet forum.

Shaun Holt’s phpBB–optimized cloud hosting packages were designed to be riskless. You will enjoy a 99.9% server uptime, it’s guaranteed. And you’ll get unlimited storage space, unlimited web traffic and unlimited MySQL database space allowances so that your phpBB–based online forum can expand freely. What is more, with all phpBB–optimized cloud hosting plans provided by Shaun Holt, you will be offered a charge–free domain and a 24/7 technical support service with an average customer support ticket response time of 20 minutes.